The vision of Timothy’s House is to provide a quality education for each of the orphans served by the program, including practical skills for farming, industry, and retail to be self-sufficiency after they graduate.  The orphanage has facilities for raising cows, chickens, pigs, and fish on site to provide both resources and opportunities for practical education for the children. 

The orphanage also seeks to demonstrate self-sufficiency by cultivating and farming as much of its own food as possible.  Timothy’s House farms its own property and revived several farms sharing crops with the property owners. We are training in multiple fields and hope to install a training center for girls in the coming year.    


Timothy’s house is currently completing the rescue center for young girls who have been trafficked and/or abused in the local community. We believe we must equip our children to make a difference in Kenya.

Opportunities to participate in education expansion, specific mission trips and building programs are available to those with special interest.

Timothy's House