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As the number of children we serve grows, so do our needs. If you are looking to help, but are not able to sponsor a child, please consider making a donation. These donations help with all of the orphans’ needs, will help us to bring water to the facility, buy seed and animals for the farm, and erect buildings to expand our services. Donate today!

Education Expenses

This is actually an ongoing expense. We currently are helping 11 young adults with tuition for university. Once they complete their education they come back and volunteer at Timothy’s House. We also have — children that go to high school, which costs Timothy’s House approximately $20,000 per year to support.  While some of this expense is taken care of by sponsorship of these children, it is unfortunately not enough to cover the entire expense and we rely on gracious donors to help cover the costs.

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Farming Supplies

At Timothy’s House, we try to be as self-sufficient as possible and teach our older children skills that will help them to earn a living when they reach adulthood. Our livestock and grain/feed needs seeds to grow and produce. We are in need of funds for chickens, cows, feed, seeds, and tools.  As our livestock continue to reproduce, we will also need supplies to build shelters.  This is an ongoing cost and every little bit adds up.

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Medical Expenses

Two of our staff members were injured in a motorcycle accident. One of the two suffered a back injury which will require surgery. We are dealing with logistics to get her to the Rochester, Minnesota Mayo Clinic, who has graciously agreed to provide the surgery. However, we need to bring her over to the States and have a place for her to recuperate. Any help provided to cover these expenses will be thankfully accepted.

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