Our education program consists of the Andeliza Community School that services 82 children from ages 4-6.  It services our orphans (52) and also services kids (30) from the community at large.  There are five teachers who take care of the kids from 8 am to 3 pm every day.  While they’re in school they study several different subjects, including English, Swahili, psychomotor activities, music and dance.  

We currently have two pre-school classes, a kindergarten class, a first-grade class, and the newest addition of a second-grade class at Timothy’s House.  Our third-grade students and beyond attend local schools and we pay tuition. We are adding one to two on-site classes a year with a goal of housing pre-school through eighth grades.

Our high school students are assigned schools by the state, and we pay tuition and housing for these students. Once out of school, our orphans have the option to work in agriculture or find jobs. 

Our intent is to have full on-site housing and education for ALL our students. Grants and donations are needed to support this growth. 

The cost of educating children in Kenya is high. We typically need two sponsors for each child in ninth grade and beyond in order to cover the education costs. 

If you would like to sponsor a child or donate to our ongoing need to erect more classrooms, please visit our Sponsor a Child page or our Donate page.